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The sole reason for the success of CCM is our people. We create an environment where our all our people feel satisfied with their individual job and growth plan. Everyone takes great pride in their work which makes our team highly focused, committed and passionate which in turn results in great service. We understand we have a commitment to our team as they are the key pillars of sustainability. It is important to nurture and develop our talent for future success to the business.

Need a company which is more than just a cleaning supplier? Look no further!

020 7803 4777


What our clients say

  • “Yesterday we had a surprise audit. Romas was given very little time, as were we, the auditor was very impressed with the standard of cleaning and the energy Romas and the team put in. Romas has always been a superstar but this feedback was amazing. Working with Romas is an honour anyway and feedback like this shows why he is invaluable and a real leader for us, so thank you to him”

  • “I was leaving the building and heard a crash from the stairwell.  It turns out someone had a fall and hit his head.  I’d passed by Carlos earlier so went to find him to see if he could help.  The crux of it all was he was an absolute star, he called 999 and relayed information between the emergency services and the injured man.  I was really impressed with how calm and professional he was through it all!”

  • “We have absolutely loved having Miguel here with us at Devonshire Square. Having only joined the team here in April, I have watched Miguel grow to become such an active and involved part of the Community and a real favourite with our members and ultimately enhancing our member experience that little further…He’s efficient, he’s thorough, he communicates, and demonstrates his pride and passion in his work – reminding us that we must always be “focussed on the client”, with the added bonus of always having an amusing story to tell. He brings a positive energy and helps to contribute to one of the many reasons I enjoy coming to work”

  • Jolita and her team have done a fantastic job in supporting us opening our new centre in Cambridge.  As with any mobilisation we met with challenges but on the whole these were overcome quickly without us missing any key milestones.  With a growing portfolio we are more confident than ever that CCM can support our growth.

  • Paolo was part of a team that assisted us in a member move.  This was a really sensitive transfer and Paolo was fantastic; he not only supported the community manager but also worked with the members to ensure they had everything they needed.

  • We would like to give a big thanks to Gustavo Pizarro for his great attitude and enthusiasm. He always ensures pantry and stationery cupboards are stocked. Communal areas and meeting rooms are clean and operational at WeWork Waterhouse.

  • Romas Irtmonas

    Romas Irtmonas

    Wework Spinningfields.
  • Carlos Grajales

    Carlos Grajales

    WeWork Cursitor Building
  • Miguel Carranzea

    Miguel Carranzea

  • Jolita Stankeviciute

    Jolita Stankeviciute

  • Paolo Firezzi

    Paolo Firezzi

    Day Senior Supervisor
  • Gustavo Estupinan Pizarro

    Gustavo Estupinan Pizarro

What our team have to say

  • I like working for CCM because they give all kinds of training and good advice; there’s lots of opportunities to climb the career ladder.  Whenever I have a question they always answer and I never have to wait long and the collective is always with a smile.

  • I have been working for CCM now for the past 5 months. I really enjoy coming to work every day as the WeWork night supervisor I meet plenty of interesting people. CCM have been great at providing me with all the support I need and Frank my manager is always there when I have any questions. Overall I have a lot to thank CCM for as they provided me with a job when I most needed it and gave me the opportunity to escalate up the ladder in a very short time. I will continue to do the upmost for as long I continue to work for them.

  • “I have always enjoyed working with CCM from the moment I started working in WeWork Moorgate.  I am very grateful that CCM Facilities Ltd gave me the opportunity to work, as I found that many other employers were not prepared to give me a chance.  CCM gave me the opportunity to demonstrate what I had to offer, despite the initial language barrier and gave me the ability to support my family.  Through their commitment to me, I have always gone out of my way to deliver the best possible service to our clients”

  • I have enjoyed my job since day one, it’s a pleasure to work with CCM. In the past few years I have gained a lot of different experiences and met so many wonderful people.

    Big thank you for opportunity, and to those who have been by my side to support me with my journey at CCM so far.

  • I joined CCM as a cleaning supervisor on Aviation house in November 2018 and am now a day senior supervisor.  I really enjoy working in this team and my manager gives me strong support that helps to make my work day easier.  I am so glad to be a part of this incredible team.  Outside of work I love to spend time with my son and family, I like to play sports and relaxing.

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